Is there any possible way to put Kindle books on a Sony reader?

My grandpa just gave me a flash drive with all of the books he has on his kindle (we have the same taste in books). However upon looking at the file types I realized that the setup was completely different and I can’t read them on my Sony reader. Is there anyone who could explain to me (lamens terms preferably) how to convert them if it is possible?

Kindle ebook bought from amazon has DRM copy protection, you need to remove Kindle DRM using app Kindle drm removal from, then converted to epub format to read on Sony reader.

1. First, download and install Kindle for pc or Kindle for Mac, free download here.

2. Download Kindle ebook in Kindle for Pc, or Kindle for Mac.

3. Download Kindle drm removal, Install and run it, click Remove DRM button to select azw file,

  • For Windows, files is saved in “My Document\My kindle content” folder.
  • For Mac, it is “~/Library/Application Support/Kindle” folder.

4 If everything goes well, it will create a new nondrm mobi file in “document\Kindle drm removal” folder, nodrm file also can be htmlz file, both file format support by Calibre.

5. Convert nondrm mobi/azw3 file to epub format in Calibre, detail in this page .

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